The voice of a child is just as important as everyone else’s

Published: Wednesday June 12 2019 by Melanie Crewe

From an early age, it is so important to encourage children to own and share their beliefs, opinions and feelings with their peers in a respectful manner.

Nothing highlighted this more than the work one of our partner Primary Schools has undertaken over the last few years by implementing their own School 'Debate Club.'

Sarah Thompson, Teacher at Plymouth Grove Primary School created a Debate Club for her students to join over 2 years ago, and since then they have year on year become the League Champions of Debate Mate annual awards. They have very recently picked up their 2019 accolade!

We are so proud to work with a School that delivers and encourages such a positive message to their pupils and wanted to share  a video to demonstrate this posted by Get into Teaching (Department of Education)

View the Debate Club video here.