Mental Health Support for Employees in Education

Published: Thursday November 04 2021 by Melanie Crewe


As we recognised National Stress Awareness Day earlier on in the week and World Mental Health Day back in October, it is becoming more and more apparent that support is urgently required for people of all ages, all professions and for a plethora of different issues.

When surveyed about their Mental Health, research suggests that more than two thirds of education professionals describe themselves as stressed at work according to the 2018 Teacher Wellbeing Index from charity Education Support.

In more positive news, there is support and accessible resources available specifically designed for teaching staff to incorporate coping strategies into daily routines.

There is Mental Health Support available

Education Support is a dedicated Teacher Support charity which looks at a range of topics from dealing with parents, workload, time management and challenging behaviour in the classroom, to the pressures of leadership and being a newly qualified teacher.

You will be able to access blogs and videos from education professionals, such as Confessions of a Teacher films , sharing frustrating and stressful situations to the funny quirks of the profession only a teacher would understand.

You’ll also find tips and inspiration from fellow education professionals in Teacher Tips films, as well as practical advice across their Teacher Support articles.

Mental Health Support: Every Mind Matters

Another initiative launched by the NHS which provides supportive resources is called Every Mind Matters. They provide support for a variety of mental health triggers such as;  covid related anxieties, personal life/relationships, money and work worries, life changes, health issues, traumatic events, smoking, drinking, drugs or gambling and much more.

Here you can complete a mini questionnaire online which then, based upon your answers, provides you with a Mind Plan to signpost you to resources and hints and tips in an email template.

Mental Health Support: Some useful and easy to maintain daily tips

Our Mental Health Support Champion recently attended a 'Stress Awareness Conference' and took away some useful tips to manage day to day micro stress doses:

  • Keep Hydrated, it helps with clarity of thought
  • Eat well- what you eat today you feel tomorrow
  • Take daily walks- daylight has a positive effect on our hormones
  • 'Mindfulness'- do not over complicate the meaning of this. Simply take 'mindful' breaks away from your screen/to do list/rota etc.
  • Breath work- Seriously. The main reasons why people smoke/vape is to calm the mind by breathing deeply. Inhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts. Exhale for 5 counts, hold for 5. Repeat 10 times.
justteachers- Our stance on Mental Health in the Workplace

As an organisation, we are committed to looking after our teaching staff and internal staff to ensure their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is not compromised.

Most importantly, we take the time to listen and understand- for all our teaching staff our supportive consultants will provide options based upon individual wants and needs, such as flexible working hours, job shares, part time work and short-term contracts. In return we welcome and encourage open and honest feedback, so that we can continue to provide our first- class services.

If you are interested in teaching or support roles that work around your lifestyle and create a good work/life balance and would like to discuss your experience with a justteachers consultant, please contact us via your local branch details.