What makes you proud to be a teacher?


It has come to the close of another Summer term and no doubt a lot of teachers and teaching staff will still be feeling that rosy glow of pride after receiving an abundance of thank you cards and gifts from their pupils. But it’s also all those little moments that mount up throughout the year, that a teacher may find the most rewarding and contributing factors as to why they love their profession.

A recently published article containing interviews of teaching professionals Bruce Goddard and Jane Woo, both at different stages in their career, showcases their individual stories about the importance of having self-belief in their pupils- and how that can have life-changing effects on a child, including in their mental wellbeing:


So let’s take a minute to remind ourselves what makes teaching such a rewarding profession. Perhaps for you, it’s simply when a student grasps a new concept, seeing their intellect and self-esteem flourish- or maybe it is that you have the ability to encourage and foster independent thinking and through this, witness heart-warming results.

There’s no doubt that a teacher transforms children’s lives- and they are remembered for life by a child (whether good or bad!).

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes a proud teacher, why you love teaching and why you consider it to still be the most rewarding job around!

In the meantime, we hope you manage to have a restful Summer break and recuperate in readiness for the September term.


If you would like to hear about September and upcoming supply and permanent opportunities- we are, as usual, contactable throughout the holidays. For all our local justteachers branch details visit our website here.