justteachers updated guidelines on the use of mobile phones that you must adhere to whilst undertaking your assignment 

Mobile phone use

All schools now have specific school policies for mobile phones and their usage for all teaching staff therefore it is imperative that you adhere to the guidelines whist undertaking any assignment.

The Teachers’ Standards require that you uphold public trust in the profession and maintain high standards of ethics and behaviour, both within and outside of school. As such, the following guidelines on the use of mobile phones* must be followed accordingly:

  • Mobile phones should never be used to take photographs or videos of children or to store their personal data.
  • You should never send to, or accept from, colleagues or pupils, texts or images that could be viewed as inappropriate.
  • You should never contact pupils or parents from your personal mobile phone or give your mobile number to pupils or parents.
  • If you need to make telephone contact with a pupil, you should ask to use the telephone in the school office.
  • You must have your phones switched off or on ‘silent’ during class time.
  • You must not make or receive calls during teaching time. For extreme circumstances (e.g. acutely sick relative) please ensure you make a member of the SLT aware and seek their permission to receive and emergency call.
  • Use of phones must be limited to non-contact time when no children are present.
  • Phones must be kept out of sight (e.g. drawer, handbag, pocket) when you are with children.
  • Calls/ texts must be made/ received in private during non-contact time.
  • You may be permitted to use your mobile phone during games sessions (if applicable) and when responsible for children away from school, only to communicate arrangements to parents or colleagues or for emergency purposes.

*The term ‘phone’ in this policy denotes mobile phones, iPods, iPads, MP3, MP4 players and any similar portable electronic devices.