Why schools should focus on wellbeing above timetables, curriculum and results

Published: Friday October 16 2020 by Melanie Crewe

Extremely interesting article from gov.uk on why we should strongly focus  on the wellbeing of children and all teaching staff above timetables, curriculum and results. If someone is struggling with their wellbeing, they cannot learn nor teach effectively.

The article provides an excellent case study from West Lea School, a setting which caters for students with SEN, and discusses the strategies, resources and tools that they have in place to deal with challenges that COVID-19 has brought on mental health and wellbeing for students and staff.

This includes:

-Having regular touch points during lockdown

-Providing access to emotional support through 'Right Steps Counselling' for confidential 24/7 support

-Holding workshops for staff on wellbeing and stress management

- Adapting a ‘holistic approach’

Read the full article here.