The importance of encouraging a joy for reading at a young age in children.

Published: Monday July 08 2019 by Melanie Crewe


A recent update published by Schools Improvement demonstrates the far-reaching benefits that encouraging a love of reading from an early age has for a child, if done correctly. These include; developing a child’s general knowledge, vocabulary growth, improved writing ability, development of empathy and help to cultivate imagination.

However, despite these obvious and apparent benefits, evidence suggests that young people are reading less:

We actively support projects to promote literacy in children, such as a recent reading initiative launched by CurvedHouseKids in partnership with Space Diary

This partnership hugely sparked our interest as its main aim is to help to make every child literate by using visual literacy, digital literacy and science capital. The Space Diary Programme educates children about what it takes to become an astronaut (and other science related topics), cultivating their imagination and making reading fun- whilst promoting Primary STEM Education.

We will certainly be encouraging our Teaching, Support Staff and indeed partnership Schools to check it out!