Supply teaching – the benefits at every stage in a teacher’s career

Published: Thursday February 07 2019 by Melanie Crewe


Supply teaching - the benefits at every stage in a teacher’s career

Depending upon the stage you are at in your teaching career and what your personal circumstances may be, there are numerous benefits which supply teaching offer versus permanent roles and these need to be carefully considered.

At the start of your teaching vocation, taking the time to finding the right school environment and school setting is vital to enable you to flourish and advance personally in your teaching career. Being exposed to a mix of schools, pupils, teachers and teaching styles helps you to identify your own individual strengths and capabilities and to ascertain the environment that is most suited for you for future supply/permanent roles.  Many short-term placements lead to longer term teaching posts, which in essence give all parties the ‘trial’ period without the initial lengthy commitment. For further information about how justteachers can help NQTs visit:

Supply teaching is also a fantastic option for those teachers professionals approaching the retirement age or returning to work after time out from the classroom- whether it be from Maternity or Paternity leave, a career break or illness. Whether you are a teacher or teaching assistant, a certain amount of time to refresh your skills may be required to ensure you are aware of any developments and initiatives in education, and what better way that to gain this experience than within a variety of school settings. Also, after an extended period away from the classroom environment, you may have reassessed your priorities, needs and expectations, so testing out the landscape might be a good opportunity to be more selective about the type of work you undertake. Short-term supply teaching can provide a relief from possibly onerous tasks such as target-setting, planning, meetings and assessment- and to a certain degree, paperwork!

Since 2015 teachers have taken over 1.3 million days off work as a result of stress and mental health issues. It is becoming a more and more common theme that teachers undertaking supply work have done so on the back of reassessing their work/life balance and addressing the need for more flexibility. Lots of our registered teachers and teaching staff have other commitments outside of the profession such as studying, caring for relatives, professional sporting pursuits etc. Supply work offers a greater deal of flexibility to manage your own diary and be selective and indeed more confident about the work that you commit to. Happier, motivated teachers can help their pupils to feel happier and more confident.

The government has recently launched a ‘jobshare’ initiative for teaching staff to boost the current figures of teachers working part-time and supply (28% of women work part-time and 8% of men- compared to the UK average of 40% and 12% respectively). Our jt Flexi scheme was actually launched over a year ago as a result of demand from our teaching staff for greater flexibility, and might be worthy of consideration if you are particularly interested in part-time/job share options for teaching staff. With justteachers ‘Flexi’ we ‘match’ you with like-minded teachers, creating job sharing opportunities that benefit both of you, whereby you will work collaboratively and support each other with shared PPA time. For more information about our ‘Flexi’ scheme visit

To register with justteachers for flexi or part time teaching roles or indeed to be made aware of the supply teaching market currently in your area, please take the first step and register your details and attach your cv so that one of our local Consultants are able to make contact. Alternatively please call 0800 832 243.

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