New Teacher Training and Development Opportunities

Published: Monday June 27 2022 by Katie Thornton

One of the most important factors influencing student achievement is teacher quality and investing in teacher development is vitally important. are therefore continuing to offer a range of development opportunities, including:

  • extending funding for National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), so that they remain free for teachers and leaders for the next two years
  • introducing two new NPQs in early years leadership and leading literacy, to help every child get the best start in life and improve their reading and writing
  • the School Led Development Trust, made up of four leading multi-academy trusts, will set up and run the new flagship National Institute of Teaching
  • delivering high-quality development programmes and cutting-edge insight into best practice, through the new Institute, rolling out teacher training nationwide
  • improving the online training platform for early career teachers, in order to reduce workloads


National Professional Qualifications

National professional qualifications (NPQs) are designed for teachers and leaders who want to develop their knowledge and skills in specialist areas of teaching practice. There are:

  • 4 leadership NPQs in senior leadership, headship, executive leadership and early years leadership
  • 4 NPQs for teachers and leaders who want to develop their expertise in specialist areas of teaching practice

Many NPQs have been developed in collaboration with the sector and are informed by the best available research and evidence. NPQs are designed to provide training and support for teachers and school leaders at all levels and deliver improved outcomes for young people.


What NPQs Are Available?

The 4 NPQs in specialist areas of teaching have been designed with both classroom teachers and leaders in mind. They are:

  • Leading teacher development– learn how to become a teacher educator and successfully support teachers in your school to expand their skills
  • Leading teaching– learn how to lead the teaching and learning of a subject, year group or phase
  • Leading behaviour and culture– learn how to create a culture of good behaviour and high expectations in which staff and pupils can thrive
  • Leading literacy– learn how to effectively teach and promote literacy across the whole school, year group, key stage or phase

The leadership NPQs are:

  • Senior leadership– develop your leadership knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes for teachers and pupils in your school
  • Headship– develop the knowledge that underpins expert school leadership and apply it to become an outstanding headteacher
  • Executive leadership– develop the expertise you need to become an outstanding executive leader, leading change and improvement across your group of schools or multi-academy trust
  • Early years leadership– develop expertise in leading high-quality early years education and care, as well as effective staff and organisational management


For more information on NPQs and other professional development opportunities, including course information, guidance and information on how to sign up, visit





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