Justteachers celebrate being officially awarded ‘Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing’ once again for 2020/2021

Published: Monday February 03 2020 by Melanie Crewe

(Head Office team, Skipton, North Yorkshire)

Justteachers, officially a 2018 and 2019 Great Place To Work® award winner, has been recognised by Great Place to Work® UK once again as a Centre for Excellence in Wellbeing 2020. This has been awarded on the back of results from recent staff Wellbeing Index surveys, which are designed to measure the levels of wellbeing in the workplace.

Newly promoted Managing Director Caroline Cafferty, who has a been a pivotal part of the business for over 15 years, reflects on the significance of the award win to the team.

“We are rightly proud of this achievement- employee wellbeing is a key element of our culture, highlighting to current and future employees that we are committed to creating the best environment possible for our team.

The results underpin our fundamental values around promoting wellbeing as a business, which focusses on promoting a positive working environment, employee financial security, mental and physical health, work-life balance, interpersonal relationships and fulfilment at work.

Employee wellbeing encompasses all the physical, psychological, social and financial aspects of working life and here at justteachers, significant consideration is given to how we can continue to help our team to feel trusted, valued and respected.

There are many unique benefits we offer to our team in order to promote their wellbeing and a healthy work/life balance.

We operate on a ‘reduced hours’ policy during School holidays- the nature of our business means that we have optimum periods for productivity around school term time and quieter periods during the school holidays. We therefore structure our working hours accordingly, with reduced working days in the school holidays. Staff with young families in particular find this a huge benefit in alleviating strain around organising childcare provisions in the holidays.

A flexible working policy has also been introduced should an employee find themselves in the position that it is required due to health or other personal circumstances. The option remains to revert back to previous working hours if required.

In addition to this, we offer our Wellness lunch break as part of our Wellbeing programme, where employees are able to take an extended lunch break to utilise the time to do something of value to them, such as a fitness class, weekly shop or just enjoying some quiet time out of the office.

We also offer a counselling service to balance work life and home life, which also provides access to financial, legal and health support.

It’s important for our staff to be happy, and we really do take the time to take on board feedback from our staff in order to help us live out our values and support and inspire our incredible people. We look forward to the next year ahead where we will continue to strive to make justteachers and even better place to work!”