Gender Pay Report 2017

This is Just Teacher’s (JT) first Gender Pay Report. As JT employs more than 250 people (including the agency workers that we supply to schools) we are required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report showing the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings.
It is based on a “snapshot” of the pay of all JT internal employees and registered agency workers as at 5 April 2017, as well as annual payments and bonuses which were paid between 6 April 2016 and 5 April 2017.
As an employment business, we are required to include within our data the earnings of the agency workers that we supply to schools. 8.75% of the individuals included in the calculations are internal employees, with the remaining 91.25% being agency workers.

Internal staff

Women make up 80% of our internal workforce, and 85.7% of the senior management team. We are confident that JT’s gender pay gap is not a pay issue. Our approach to pay and bonus is gender neutral. We have an established career ladder for internal employees, within which there are fixed pay scales. We currently have in place a commission scheme for our recruitment consultants which applies equally to men and women and is based upon personal performance as against fixed, objective criteria. Our female employees have the same opportunities to earn the same levels of commission under the scheme.

Agency workers

JT supplies both teaching assistants and qualified teachers to schools. 73.9% of the agency workers included with the data are women. Our findings show that the vast majority of candidates who register with us to find work as teaching assistants are female. We have very few male candidates applying for teaching assistant roles. The earnings of teaching assistants are lower than those of teachers. Our pay gap therefore reflects the higher female representation in the lower quartiles.
Our supply teachers are paid a negotiated rate for each placement based on the requirements of the role and the experience of the teacher. After 12 weeks in the same role, supply teachers are paid in accordance with the pay scale of the relevant school (in accordance with the Agency Worker Regulations 2010).