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A survey in 2015 found that over half of teachers were thinking of leaving teaching in the next two years, citing ‘volume of workload’ (61%) and ‘seeking better work/life balance’ (57%) as the two top issues causing them to consider this. Source NUT & YouGov

‘flexi’ by justteachers, provides teaching jobs with flexibility and better ‘work & life’ balance.
Part Time teaching creates opportunities for teachers who may have left the profession or who are unable to commit to full-time employment.


flexi allowing us to re-engage with teachers who may have left the profession or who are unable to commit to full-time employment, whilst still tapping into their wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Your school benefits from:

– Staff ‘well-being’ and in return better staff retention
– 2 part-time teaching staff offering complementary teaching styles and stimulation
– Joint PPA / handover time for continuity + we pay PPA cost for 1 of the pair
– Reduced likelihood of absence
– Maximum value from each candidate.

What our schools have to say about flexi:

flexi delivers us a solution that just wasn’t available before…it’s brilliant & works.

It gave a valuable staff member the option to work part-time – saving us time recruiting and in the long run, money.


We ‘match’ you with like minded teachers, creating job-share opportunities that benefit both of you.

With ‘flexi’ you’ll get:

• Better work/life balance
• Flexibility – days & hours to suit you, more collaborative working and support each other in your job share
• An improved quality of teaching
• Shared PPA time & good rates of pay

What our candidates have to say about flexi:

flexi has given me my life back, it’s brilliant…

having better work life balance makes me love teaching again…

flexi helped me back into teaching again…

Our part-time teaching staff and schools find being flexible gets the best out of ‘flexi’ delivered by justteachers.

If ‘flexi’ sounds like the solution for you, get in touch now and one of the dedicated justteachers team will find a match for you.

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