Children’s Mental Health Week- Exam Preparation & Resources for Teaching Staff

Published: Friday February 11 2022 by Melanie Crewe

Children's Mental Health Support Week- Exam preparation

The focus on vital curriculum catch-up in readiness for exams will undoubtedly add pressure to our already struggling young learners. 'Advance Content' has been released to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on education and provide the early intervention required to lessen stress and anxiety.

The advance content for the 2022 summer exam series has recently been released whereby students will have access to some of the exam content, texts, topics and sub-topics, themes and skills due to be assessed for the majority of GCSE and all AS and A level subjects.

This has been released for students with the aim to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on education and to focus their revision for their exams in summer. This is a really positive move, as we know that revising for exams in the latter few weeks can be an anxious enough time for both students and teachers alike.

Children's Mental Health Support week

To mark the start of Children's Mental Health Week and to celebrate the theme of  'growing together', we wanted to highlight resources and support available to support those who may be struggling:

If you require any additional support for your pupils on a one to one or small group basis, speak to our specialist consultants about our intervention and catch-up support staff, or if you are looking to register for support/ catch-up roles, please contact your local justteachers team.