How can a supply teaching agency help a Early Career Teacher?

Published: Wednesday February 01 2017 by Lewis Rennison

Being an Early Career Teacher (ECT) can be daunting especially in the first term as you establish yourself with your colleagues and your class.

You are on a journey to improve outcomes for your pupils and also develop your own career and make your way in the world of professional education.

There are plenty of options available to you in a permanent position but did you know you can also secure some excellent benefits by working as a supply teacher?

Once you have finished university there are typically three routes to work you can take as an ECT:

  • A permanent teaching job
  • A temporary/short term teaching job
  • A supply teaching job

justteachers assist with all three routes to employment, not just supply teaching. With added benefits including:

  • Excellent knowledge of local schools
  • Existing relationships with head teachers
  • Support writing and updating your CV
  • Providing you with interview techniques
  • Finding you a role that suits your needs, your career plans and your preferences

newly qualified teaching agency In your final months and weeks studying to become a ECT you will no doubt be looking ahead to September and trying to find a suitable teaching role. In the process you will need to make sure you Master your Teaching CV, have good examples of teaching ability, good references and of course be able to conduct a strong interview. justteachers will help you with all of this.

Do I find a permanent role or do I become a supply teacher?

Working as a supply teacher when you are a ECT: All ECTs have concerns about supply teaching but supply teaching is a well regarded and highly respected part of the industry. justteachers has adapted and evolved over the past few years, specialising in working with ECTs and assisting you with securing your first teaching role, abolishing most fears that ECTs have after graduating:

“What if I don’t get enough work”

By registering with justteachers you will have the option of day-to-day work, long term work or permanent full time work. There are roles available across all settings and you will get the option to work on assignments that suit your needs. Typically our supply teachers will get work every day depending on their preferences. You can even choose to be a supply teacher whilst you are waiting to get a full time permanent role.

“I’m worried I will not complete my induction.”

You can complete your induction whilst working through a supply teaching agency on a temporary contact. As  long as the period of employment is for a minimum length of one full induction term.  For full time ECTs, this would equate to 1 full school term (FTE if part time).  In order to be suitable to count towards your induction, the position must be planned and structured in advance and must take place in a stable environment to allow for fair and accurate assessment.

Working as a supply teacher you could complete your induction in a number of different schools as long as each position met the requirements. This could benefit you because you will have three different experiences which shows prospective employers that you can work in different types of learning environments. justteachers can find you a school that you would choose to complete your induction – rather than accepting the first school that offers you a job.

Please note that short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction, as such posts will not provide an ECT with the breadth of experience, support, and assessment necessary to enable them to demonstrate that thei.r performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory

“Supply teaching is seen as failure because I haven’t got a permanent job”

Supply teaching is definitely not a failure – it allows you to choose when and where you want to work and how long you want to work there for. It doesn’t cost you anything to join justteachers and our expertise and contacts will give you access to a variety of schools who may not have advertised their vacancies.

Supply to Permanent:

In many instances our teachers go on to become permanent member of staff at the school they teach in on a supply basis, it is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and will enable you to find out exactly which school you wish to become a permanent member of.

“Surely there is no career progression?”

Working through justteachers doesn’t limit your possibilities but increases them. We have a proven track record helping aspiring teachers to build up experience and training. Starting as a supply teacher will enable you to gain valuable experience in different school settings.

If I choose to work with justteachers, what sort of benefits will I get?

You will have your own dedicated education consultant who will get to know you and your requirements and closely match you to a school that meets those needs. Your consultant will discuss your goals and create a career plan unique to your ambitions. In addition to all this you will also get:

  • Choice of work and types of schools
  • Paid in line with National Teaching Pay Scale
  • Teacher Training & Cover Supervisor Training
  • Social and fundraising events
  • Supply Teaching Resources
  • Work – life Balance
  • Your own dedicated recruitment adviser
  • Fast application process
  • DBS Check
  • Expert advice on how to write a CV
  • Support with interview techniques

The benefits of working with justteachers are simple. Not only will we help to you progress in your career but we will support you through your entire ECT journey.

Register as an ECT today and we will be in touch.  

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