School Led Tutoring Grant- Additional Government funding available now!

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School Led tutoring is a new initiative which has been launched alongside the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) to offer a third option to all state funded schools and academy trusts. It will enable education settings to select preferred tutors from a larger resource pool, which includes supply agencies.

Funding will be allocated for around 60% of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding, or for those students, at the school’s discretion, that would benefit from a small group or 0ne-to-one tutoring programme.

Tutoring can commence from September, but at this stage  can only be delivered by teachers with QTS (excluding non-QTS teachers who have at least two years’ experience in the relevant phase and subject) until the Government release a training programme in November to schools.

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Schools: Frequently Asked Questions about the School Led Tutoring grant

Q: How does School-Led Tutoring work?

Eligible schools and academy trusts receive a grant from the Department of Education (DfE) to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for pupils most in need of catch-up support.

This could include using existing staff such as teachers and teaching assistants who, unless have QTS, will need to complete a training programme available from November. Tutoring staff can also be used immediately via external supply agencies or tutoring organisations.

Q: What data do we need to provide on how we are using the School-Led Tutoring grant?

There is no need to apply for the grant, however all schools must complete the following data returns in order to maintain eligibility for funding:

  • School-Led Tutoring data in the School Census (once a term)
  • An online form which will become available to schools via the ESFA towards the end of the academic year that will capture spend and final pupil numbers (once at the end of the academic year).

Q: Which pupils can receive School-Led Tutoring?

The NTP is designed to close gaps in learning that occurred due to Covid-19. Since disadvantaged pupils were disproportionately impacted as result of this, School-Led Tutoring should focus on these pupils. This should include pupils in receipt of pupil premium,  but could also include pupils experiencing other types of disadvantage such as SEND, those with a social worker, previously look-after children, young carers and other vulnerable pupils.

However, schools and academy trusts can use their discretion to extend the tutoring to other pupils who they identify as needing catch-up support.

Q: Who can schools use as tutors?

Schools can draw on a range of internal or external resource to provide tutoring under the School-Led route. This could include teaching and learning staff such as teachers, teaching assistants and ITT trainees, or external educators such as local tutoring/ supply agencies.

Some staff will not be able to start delivering sessions until they have completed and passed an online training course which is due to be available in November. This includes teaching assistants (or those with similar teaching support roles), ITT Trainees and teachers without QTS who have less than two years’ experience in the subject and phase in which they wish to tutor.

Q: When can tutors start delivering tuition under the School-Led route?

The following tutors can begin delivering tuition from the start of the Autumn term:

  • Internal staff teachers with QTS
  • Internal staff teachers without QTS and at least two years’ experience in the phase and subject in which they wish to tutor
  • External tutors, including supply teachers

The following tutors are required to complete a free, online training programme in tutoring before delivering sessions. This is expected to be available in November:

  • Internal staff teachers without QTS and less than two years’ experience in the phase and subject in which they wish to tutor
  • Internal teaching support staff, including teaching assistants, learning mentors and those with similar roles.

Q: Will schools be able to use tutors and tutoring agencies that are not NTP accredited?

Yes. School-Led Tutoring gives schools and academy trusts the autonomy to choose tutors from a wider supply pool, including those who are not currently employed by an NTP Tuition Partner.

Q: How can schools ensure the quality of provision under School-Led Tutoring?

The School-Led Tutoring route gives schools and academy trusts the freedom to select their own tutors who they believe would best meet the needs of their pupils. As part of this, they should use their professional judgement to ensure that selected tutors have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality tutoring.

For external tutors, they should ensure the appropriate safeguarding checks, including pre-employment, DBS and reference checks are completed.

To help equip school staff with the skills, confidence and knowledge to deliver effective tutoring, a free online training programme will be available for internal staff in November. This training is mandatory for those without QTS (excluding non-QTS teachers who have at least two years’ experience in the relevant phase and subject).

Q: What is the training offer for tutors?

The training offer will consist of a free, online training programme in tutoring. This will be available from November to all internal staff nominated by their school or academy trust.

There will be three pathways to this training; one for staff with QTS, one for primary staff without QTS and one for secondary staff without QTS.

The QTS pathway (which is also open to teachers without QTS who have at least two years’ teaching experience in the relevant phase and subject) consists of a core module around 2 hours long. This isn’t mandatory but teachers are strongly advised to complete it as a development opportunity.

The non-QTS pathways are mandatory for staff without QTS (excluding non-QTS teachers who have at least two years of relevant experience) and consists of a course expected to take around 11 hours. These pathways also include a short assessment at the end which participants need to successfully pass before starting tutoring.

Q: How many tutors can a school nominate for the training?

There is no limit on the number of tutors that a school can nominate for training. However, schools and academy trusts will be expected to nominate individuals who can commit to delivering tutoring after they have completed the course. Tutors will receive certification for completing the course.

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