Behaviour Support- Surge of demand for Specialist Intervention

Barriers to learning for some students have intensified through recent school closures, with individual pupils requiring more of a targeted and specialist support approach when it comes to providing behaviour intervention.

A tailored approach to support an individual’s behaviour should complement the school’s behaviour policy without lowering expectations of any pupil’s behaviour. Children, and particularly adolescents, have a heightened awareness of fairness: they are unlikely to respond well to differential treatment. Therefore for best results a flexible but consistent approach should be taken.

Interventions have a positive effect on behaviour when they focus on positive responses to the challenge of misbehaviour, rather than primarily focusing on punishments.

Behaviour assessment interventions involve looking at the reasons behind a pupil’s behaviour, including triggers such as the absence of a structured learning environment. A strategy needs to be adopted where goals are set, benchmarks and responsibilities are given, progress is monitored and outcomes are evaluated.

Intervention programs typically range from 2-6 months. Early intervention is imperative to minimalise later SEMH developmental issues, and when suitable interventions are put in place, they need to be regular and consistent weekly sessions.

Our specialist SEMH staff have increasingly be sought after to:

-Provide child-centred tailored and bespoke interventions

-Re-engage ‘harder to reach’ pupils and restore self-esteem

-Identify proactive and reactive support strategies

-Re-establish behaviour routines and protocols

-Support with self-regulation of behaviour

-Encourage emotional resilience and independence.

There are a wide range of interventions offered by our specialists that may improve aspects of school behaviour. These include:

  • Social and emotional learning workshops
  • Self-regulation
  • Physical activity
  • Social skills workshops

If your school requires external support, either on a short to longer term period, or you would like to address behaviour support on a more permanent basis, our experienced consultants will happily discuss options available to you. Contact your local team here.