justteachers – supporting teachers through virtual interviews


In light of the current and ongoing situation, Schools are having to adapt and streamline their traditional recruitment methodology with ‘virtual interviews’ likely to become the new norm for the short term. Software and online platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are increasingly being used to replace face-to-face interviews for their urgent and ongoing hiring needs.

Virtual interviewing is different, but it’s not an obstacle and doesn’t degrade the interviewing experience. You can still assess facial expressions and display levels of engagement when speaking and listening virtually to interviewers, so it should be very much treated with the same importance as a face to face interview.

Whist this process may be unfamiliar territory for some, in the absence of panel interviewing and lesson observations it is absolutely critical that you are able to showcase your skills effectively.

Some Schools have already been quick to adapt their recruitment processes to include lesson-planning activities during the interview, which would have been previously demonstrated within lesson observation exercises.

An interesting article by Gov.UK hears from a Headteacher of a Midlands School explaining innovative projects they are undertaking to enable applicants to get a feel of the culture and ethos of the school:


As schools start to resume a certain degree of operation from this week, over the coming weeks and months we expect to be inundated with new roles. It is therefore extremely important we all use this valuable time effectively so that teaching and support staff are in the best possible position of securing work.

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer support to our candidates throughout these strange times, we will be publishing a series of blogs that contain helpful CPD resources, hints and tips for virtual interviewing and advice for NQTs who unfortunately have had final placements cut short or not take place at all. For any newly qualified teachers who want to download our NQT 2020 Support pack, visit our NQT webpage.