Real life case studies are shining examples of the long-term benefits of Flexible Working within Schools

Teacher in classroom SM

Flexible working for teaching staff within Schools, a phenomenon recently encouraged as part of the 2019 DFE teacher recruitment and retention strategy launched by Damian Hinds, has had a long lasting positive impact with the schools that we have offered our ‘Flexi’ services to, ever since its launch in 2018. Our case study, previously published on our blog, featuring teacher Dahlia Al- Sarraj, highlights that with suitable organisation of workload and shared timetabling, it can enable teachers to teach to their strengths and increase staff morale.

Another such case study, recently published by is a fine example of a School that makes flexible working ‘work’ and therefore has helped them to retain great teachers by adopting the ‘split classes’ methodology.

Matthew Leeming, Headteacher at Kings’ School in Winchester, discusses the long-term benefits their flexible working approach has had on the School and the staff, the challenges they faced to implement the system and how it works as a successful partnership with his flexible working staff.

justteachers Group CEO, Robyn Johnstone, also recently featured on page 22 in the latest publication of Education Magazine. Robyn talks in more detail about our ‘Flexi’ offering in line with Damian Hinds’ wide-ranging Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy and discusses if it is the answer to the growing teaching crisis.

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