How justteachers can support you in succeeding in support roles

How justteachers can support you in succeeding in support roles

If you are keen to pursue support roles within a classroom environment and have the relevant transferable skills required, justteachers can support you by providing access to specialist training courses (such as Team Teach) and guidance from qualified teaching professionals to prepare and assist you in excelling in this vocation.

We are delighted to share the following testimonial and feedback from the Team Teach course attended by ex RAF professional John Purcell- whom our justteachers Consultant Kara Bayer is continuing to work closely with:

“So what is the profile of the type of person who would register with justteachers?

Do you need to be a teacher? NO.

Do you need an education background? NO

Do you enjoy the buzz of a classroom? YES

Do you enjoy the look on a student’s face when they understand something for the first time? YES 

Well that’s my profile. I came from an Electronic Engineering background. Having served in the Royal Air Force for 27 years I thought it was time for me to retire. How wrong was I. Once I had caught up on my “jobs around the house” I felt I still had more to give. So I sent off my CV to justteachers on the off chance they may require some exam invigilators. One of the best moves of my life.

Kara called me from their Skipton office and invited me for an interview. Before I knew it I was stood in front of a class of 13 year olds like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Talk about rush of adrenalin. From that moment on I was addicted. I loved the thirst for knowledge these junior adults exuded. Like sponges soaking up every word. 

I couldn’t wait for my next call from Kara offering me a temporary commitment. And that is the point, “a temporary commitment”. It keeps it exciting. No getting bogged down in lesson prep or marking. You just get all the best bits then walk away at the end of a school day. I have been offered permanent positions at various schools but I have happily turned them down. Break Time Duty! No thank you. Bus Park Duty!! No thank you. Fancy a ride out to a school in the Yorkshire Dales!!! Yes please. 

I have filled Classroom management positions and Teaching Assistant positions, I have covered home education positions and Special Needs positions and have risen to the challenge. No two days are the same. That’s what keeps it exciting. I have even covered on school field trips. What’s not to like.

Last week I attended a Team Teaching course. Provided by justteachers. A course developed to give a better understanding and instruction in the reduction of risk, restraint and restriction. Now, Cynic, Is my middle name. I had to be persuaded to get my name on this course. I thought it was going to be another “Death by PowerPoint” course. How wrong could I be. Being ex-military I can talk with authority on the expectation and delivery of courses. This was such a dynamic and enjoyable course I would sign up for it again in an instant. The instructors were both extremely well versed in the subject matter. And very professional in their delivery. I came away feeling I have both the knowledge and ability to assess and control any situation. 

So one last profile question. Do you have what it takes to make a difference? If the answer is YES, then what are you waiting for.”  John Purcell, August 2018.

If you would like to find out more about the Team Teach training course and also to apply for support roles, please take the first step and register your details and attach your cv to demonstrate your relevant transferable skills.