NQTs- Need to know more about your induction period?


A new school year is very nearly upon us and as an NQT you may still have some questions about your induction period. justteachers will be producing a series of blogs to provide you with easy to digest info- more detailed explanations can be found at www.tes.co.uk

Once you have successfully gained your teaching qualification status, you will need to complete an induction period to allow you to work in state schools in England. You can also complete your induction in an independent school if it is registered with an Appropriate Body- the local authority or ISCTIP. To pass induction you must meet all the core standards in the employment context that you’re working in, regardless of the subject you are trained in.

When do Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) have to start induction? 
Obviously, it is better to complete induction as soon as possible after being awarded QTS to build on and strengthen your skills gained during initial teacher training (ITT), however there is no time limit in England following the award of Qualified Teacher status (QTS) by which you have to start your induction (there is a five-year limit in Wales). You will start your induction as soon as you will have secured a job for the term.

If you are a part-time teacher, can you do induction? 
An NQT can work part-time if you have a contract for a term or more- or if it covers the equivalent of 189 school days. You are also permitted to work as a short-term supply teacher while concurrently serving induction in another part-time post, however the short-term supply post will not count towards induction.

Can an NQT change from teaching Secondary to Primary or vice versa during their induction year? 
Once you have QTS you can teach any age range and subject. However, teaching outside the age range for which you trained is unlikely to offer the best context for induction and you are likely to need additional support in order to meet, and show that you are meeting, the Core Standards.

How much will I get paid as an NQT? 
All qualified teachers start on the Main Pay Scale and move up a point every September (subject to satisfactory progress). Part-time and temporary teachers also go up a point so long as they’ve been employed for at least 26 weeks during the year. Most people start on M1 and after six years will be at the top of the scale (M6) but some teachers can start higher up the scale in recognition of relevant experience.  In London, there are four separate scales depending on whether you work in inner, outer or the fringe of London or elsewhere in England and Wales. For more details, take a look at: http://www.tesfaq.co.uk/pay.

What are NQTs entitled to? 

Under induction you should be assigned an induction tutor who will provide you with a job description that outlines your responsibilities, objectives (as identified in the CEDP) and development areas. You will have regular progression meetings and appraisals with your tutor at the end of each term, who will continue to make reference to the Career Entry and Development profile you have both agreed upon.

You will be allocated PPA time and a 10% reduction in your timetable. You will also have a planned programme to include observation of other teachers, whereby you will provide oral and written feedback every half term.

Our next blog will cover your induction assessment and questions surrounding school inspections- however if you have any questions about this or the induction period itself please contact justteachers on 0800 832 243. In the meantime, for useful hints and tips, you can download a free justteachers NQT guide here.

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