Supply Teaching FAQ

supply teaching FAQ

Supply Teaching FAQ

{Updated for 2018 }

Supply teaching is a fantastic way to gain some work-life balance, but it can also be a daunting prospect when you have never been a supply teacher before. You will likely have many questions that need answering before you take this next step in your career. Below you will find a helpful list of FAQs from supply teachers looking to register with justteachers.

What do I need to register as a supply teacher?

You will need:

  • Your teaching reference number
  • Qualification certificates
  • Your right to work and supporting clearance documents – CV, proof of ID, personal statement
  • Referee information from your University mentor (if you’re a NQT) and at least two years placements (or) if you’re not a NQT two education based references dated within the past two years
  • An up to date DBS – if you don’t have one of these then we can provide support with the application

What benefits do supply teachers receive?

  • Flexible working hours – you are able to work as and when you want
  • The option to work in a range of different schools to determine what school environment is best suited for you
  • Weekly payroll
  • justteachers will pay you to scale
  • Support from a dedicated consultant

As a supply teacher, how much can I earn?

In London, a supply teacher can be paid between £110 & £220 per day, whereas in the rest of the UK, you can expect to be paid between £100 and £160 per day depending on your experience.

Can I be a supply teacher whilst doing other work/courses?
The simple answer to that is yes you can. As the hours are flexible to suit you, you can decide how many days a week you want to work, leaving time for you to study or to work elsewhere. Many graduating teachers may even get a term or two paid TA or cover supervisor whilst waiting for their official QTS graduation date – a great way to earn some extra money before the long summer holidays!

How many schools or supply teaching agencies should I apply to?
Apply for the jobs and supply teaching agencies that are of actual interest to you; be careful not to apply for every job or agency you see as they may not be right for you and your skills. Get as much information on each job and agency as you can– when you register with justteachers we will interview you in order to gauge which schools/jobs you will be best suited to.

Do I have to wait for a part time position to come up or can I apply to a school to let them know I am available for part time work?
Whenever you decide to apply, even if the school is not yet advertising, make sure you make it clear from the beginning that you only want part-time work.

What information should I include in my personal statement?
Ensure you focus on your specialism and strengths in your statement and how they will contribute to the school – a good example would be behaviour management and experience with SEND. You should also make sure you edit and personalise each statement to suit every school and refer to information they have provided about the role.

Should I apply for a Maternity role or should I ignore it?
If the role is for the full academic year then it can be a good opportunity to complete your NQT year in one school (if applicable). This could also be a good role for you if you are only looking for short-term work.

If I haven’t dealt with any safeguarding situations, how can I prepare for safeguarding questions?
You don’t have to have dealt with safeguarding situations; you just have to know how to deal with a situation if one arose. Letting the school know how you would tackle a safeguarding incident with confidence is key, at justteachers we will provide you with our free online safeguarding course.

When I get a supply teaching role what is expected of me?

  • Arrive at the job within good time
  • Leave the classroom in a tidy state
  • Complete any marking
  • Provide break time cover if needed
  • Provide a handover summary at the end of each class
  • Familiarise yourself with the timetable and key staff members

Will my career prospects be affected?
Supply teaching allows you to choose when and where you want to work and how long you want to work there for. You can still complete your induction when on supply (school permitting) and you still have many career progression and CPD opportunities.

If you are looking to become a supply teacher and want some free advice please do not hesitate to contact justteachers on 0800 832 243.
justteachers is one of the highest rated supply teaching agencies in the UK and we come highly recommended by our teachers and support staff – so why not register today! Simply fill out your details below and a dedicated consultant will be in touch.