Helping to Raise Attainment in School – How Can We Help?


Helping Raise Attainment in School

Did you know in only “17% of schools nationally, the attainment of pupils entitled to free school meals is above the national average for all pupils”, that’s 83% of the pupil premium pupils not achieving in line with the national average of non – PP peer group! – Sir John Dunford

Effective interventions raise pupil confidence and attainment by removing barriers to learning. justteachers are proud to be able to offer some of the best, proven interventions available which are delivered by our experienced and committed education professionals. There is no such thing as a ‘typical Pupil Premium child’ – pupils can all be different, that’s why we tailor all of our packages to suit the needs of the pupils in your school.

Our specialist Intervention and Support staff are perfectly equipped to help raise attainment in your school. Typically our specialists either have extensive knowledge in their support field (such as a degree) or, they have high levels of experience in their particular specialism.

Breakdown of tailored support in your School:

SATs Support

SATs Support from justteachers is a great way of making sure that your Year 6 pupils perform to their full potential. Consider starting interventions with your existing Year 5 pupils now, to ensure you remain a step ahead. This supporting service will be fulfilled be our specialist trained support staff who are professionals in the field of SATs support – either by way of extensive experience or high levels of subject knowledge.

Behaviour Support

Our Behaviour Support staff aid with ensuring pupils are engaged and fully accessing the curriculum. This helps to drive up overall attainment for individuals and groups of pupils who would otherwise fall behind.

Numeracy & Literacy Support

Evidence suggests that in areas such as reading and maths, one-to-one and small group tuition can enable learners to catch-up with their peers. Consider using justteachers to provide support across the core subjects and help to drive up overall attainment and progress.

Maths and English Support

Exam support sessions in core subject areas are an ideal way of ensuring that all your pupils can reach their full potential. Tutors from justteachers provide high impact one-to-one and group sessions for your pupils in Maths and English.

Yr7 Catch up Support

Staff from justteachers focus on identifying and repairing gaps in pupils’ learning, improving in-class performance, confidence and allowing greater access to the curriculum during the transition to Key Stage 3.

Autism Support

ASD support specialists from justteachers work effectively with pupils who have Autism, supporting them to access the full curriculum – thus raising attainment and promoting inclusion.


Whichever programme you choose, securing a specialist to raise results through justteachers is fast, straightforward and cost effective.

We believe that targeted interventions should be designed not just to satisfy a target or threshold – but to serve our shared, moral purpose in educating the adults of our future and supporting the agenda of raising attainment for all.

Contact us today to discuss how our pupil support programmes will benefit your school.

Written by: Clare Othman