Australia Recruitment Tour for UK Head Teachers

Meet and interview outstanding Australian teachers who are seeking teaching positions in the UK.

This February we are looking to partner with a leading Head Teacher or Academy Trust CEO to capitalise on the opportunity to interview, meet and hire Australian teachers – in person. Competition to recruit teachers in the UK is fierce, with an ever increasing rise in demand for teachers. At justteachers we also understand that meeting face to face with a candidate is extremely important. The ‘Australia recruitment tour’ will give you the opportunity to solve your recruitment problems.
Why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity:

  •  You and your schools will get exclusive access to all the candidates you meet and interview;
  •  You will have the opportunity to influence the candidates to come to your location;
  •  International teachers can offer multiple subjects (Primary / Secondary, English & Media etc);
  • Curriculums are very similar;
  • The campaign offers robust CPD delivered by you before our Australian teachers arrive into your schools.This prepares teachers for Ofsted, behaviour management, UK preferred teaching styles and the UK National Curriculum;
  • Australian teachers typically have a fresh approach to teaching. They are flexible, resilient, outgoing and are a wonderful asset to UK schools;
  • This will be a focused recruitment campaign with built in ‘down time’ to enable you to enjoy the entire experience;
  • It will be designed in consultation with you but planned and organised by justteachers. Our Australian based staff will accompany you during the entire experience.

What we expect from you:
justteachers will arrange and fund the entire trip in return for:

  • Capturing your interview notes & assessment of every candidate;
  • Delivery of three lectures covering Teaching in the UK – support & guidance will be provided;
  • Hiring power – you must have the ability to make recruitment decisions during the trip;
  • A sense of adventure and a willingness to nurture Australian teachers in your schools.


To find out more about this fantastic opportunity simply call us in branch on: 0207 100 2440 or fill out your details in this short form below quoting the ‘Australia Recruitment Tour’…

Australia Recruitment Tour

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