Merry Christmas! Five teachers’ stories to make you feel good this Christmas.

This Christmas has already been an eventful and very festive one for justteachers, with our own fund raising for Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day (photo of our winner from our Christmas jumper competition below) and a very special secret Santa to help induct our new staff into the justteachers family.


Even our famous office dog Trevor (who has been with justteachers since the start) has been getting into the festive spirit, with a special photo shoot to make Trevor our featured image on this year’s justteachers advent calendar (image below).

Although cute, Trevor isn’t all we wanted to share with you this Holiday Season. We have five heart warming stories from teachers across the UK who told us why they got into teaching in the first instance, credit to The Supply Network.

Here are the five teachers’ stories that as the end of the term closes in we are sure will strike a chord with you all.

1. Sarah: Student Teacher 

I used to work in an office with 2 dogs (we also had a cheeky squirrel in the garden that stole the bird food!). It was at that office that I realised I needed to make a change in my career. I’d always wanted to teach, but unfortunately my mum became ill when I was 18 and passed away when I was 19 so I was unable to go to university as I had a house and a younger sibling to look after. I thought I’d never be able to ‘go back’ and get my degree but I came across a degree I could do at night school, whilst working full time. So I did it. I loved working in a quiet little office with pet dogs and lovely people, but in my heart I was sad. Being in school gives me a warmth inside that nothing else does for me. Spending time with children, teaching them, showing them how to become useful members of society, that’s my passion. It may have taken me a long time to get here, but I’m here. I’m doing what I am passionate about and that fire inside me burns bright .

2. Daryl: Teacher

I know it sounds super cheesy but I wanted to be a teacher because of the teachers I had at school. They helped me so much with personal issues and this made me want to go on and do the same. I love what I do and to see children understand what I’ve taught them makes me burst with pride. I just love it.

3. Aimee: Teacher

Three years ago I became an emergency foster carer for my husband’s little sister (we were 21 & had been engaged 2 months at the time) – this really turned our lives upside down at first! The school & teachers at her school really helped not just the little girl (who had just turned 6) but us, through all the tough times – the school had been her safe place, her escape! From that moment I knew I wanted to be that person for the children & wanted to make the difference to their lives.

4. Michelle: Teacher

I wanted to NOT become a teacher because my older sister was one and every choice I made growing up I’d get the reaction of “you want to be just like your sister” from secondary school, through GCSE choices to university, even though that wasn’t the case – I wanted to be recognised for my own choices and achievements. I worked instead in an office and hated it with the idea of teaching still preying on my mind, meanwhile my sister was growing less and less enamoured with teaching. So….we swapped. My friends and family said “thank goodness for that, I wondered how long it would take you to stop being stubborn and get on with doing something you clearly love and are suited to!” Now we’re both much happier  Teaching and learning is as much about my own path of discovery as the things I have been taught on the way.

5. Eibhlín: Primary Teacher

I always wanted to be a teacher. I hated school when I was there as a student because I was bullied and was physically sick at the thought of going to school everyday. I never wanted another child to experience school in that way and try to hopefully have a role in preventing bullying and hopefully helping children understand the impact that things they say and do when in school can have a lasting impact on people.


Have a story that you want to share with justteachers and our community?Send us the reason you became a teacher to and you could be featured in our blog!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at justteachers, especially Trevor…

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