Top Tips For Your First Supply Teaching Job

On arrival at the school- What do you need to know?

artistic-2063_1920Congratulations, you’ve been booked for your first supply teaching job. You’re eager to deliver outstanding teaching but first what do you need to know?

On arrival at the school you should be provided with some of the following information, however, on occasion due to staffing and time constraints this may not always be possible. Your dedicated justteachers consultant will provide you with as much information as possible prior to your placement to ensure that everything runs smoothly to allow you to focus on delivering outstanding teaching.

Some of the following points will not apply in all situations, in particular, the distinction between supply work in the primary and secondary sectors is recognized. Over time you will become familiar with the key pieces of information that you need to know, below are ten questions to make sure your first supply teaching job is successful for you and the school.

  1. What are the arrangements for assembly and registration?
  2. Do you call a register every lesson? How is the register taken? Do you need access to their IT system?
  3. Your consultant will confirm if work has been set for the class or classes you are covering but you’ll need to know where it has been left. You should always have a ‘tool box’ of teaching lessons/activities/resources just in case?
  4. Do bells/buzzers mark the end of lessons and school sessions?
  5. Are you ‘expected’ to do extra duties, e.g. lunch time supervision? Schools will always be helpful of an extra pair of hands during breaks, lunch or after school. Going the extra mile is part of the justteachers ethos and will ensure you get asked back to schools.
  6. Is there any information about the layout of the school? Is there a plan or map, showing the location of rooms?
  7. Is there a seating plan for the classroom or are pupils able to choose their own seats?
  8. Is there any guidance about marking, recording and assessment (if this is appropriate to the supply assignment)? It is expected that you will complete any marking at the appropriate time unless you have been specifically asked not to.
  9. What are the arrangements for dealing with pupil indiscipline and disruption? It is particularly important to obtain clear guidance on the school’s policy on the physical restraint of pupils. With the exception of SEN schools ALL schools operate a no contact policy.
  10. Are there any ancillary or support staff to work in the classroom while you teach? Are they in the classroom to support a specific pupil with SEN needs or are they to be deployed as you deem appropriate?

If you are looking to work with a friendly, local supply teaching agency with supply teaching jobs available across the country please get in touch and register today!